Aim Forms Action Group In Response To Climate Emergency


Aim Forms Action Group In Response To Climate Emergency

We're delighted to announce the formation of an AIM Climate Action Group to help our members optimise their sustainability and harness the collective power of the independent sector to act on climate change.

Following the launch of Music Declares Emergency (MDE), which calls for a governmental response to the climate emergency, the AIM Climate Action Group was formed to provide AIM members with practical steps they can take to tackle climate change through their own business practices.

The AIM Climate Action Group was formed by a number of AIM board member companies and founding members of MDE including: Ninja Tune, Brownswood, Full Time Hobby, Secretly Group, Rock Action, Warp, Beggars Group and Domino.

The group will use the collective power of the AIM membership to lobby for governmental and legislative reform, negotiate preferential rates on environmentally friendly services and create cultural change through the public influence of members and their artists.

It will work closely with experts like Julie’s Bicycle, a charity that supports the creative community to act on climate change and environmental sustainability. Critical issues like touring, business travel and the manufacturing, packaging and shipping of physical product are all on the agenda.

Jude McArdle, Membership Manager, AIM said: “The climate emergency is a very real and immediate threat to our planet and way of life. By taking practical steps in our own business practices, AIM and its members can create a positive impact and lead as an example in the massive challenge we have ahead of us. Music has always held an incredible power to create culturally-driven sociological change. Now is the time to harness that power with the collective might of the independent sector.”

Peter Quicke, AIM Board Member and MD of Ninja Tune said: “We are the first generation to know beyond reasonable doubt that our actions will result in climate cataclysm if we do not take concerted and consistent action. The AIM Climate Action Group is our way of ensuring that is happening.”

The AIM Climate Action Group is issuing the following best practice guidelines to AIM members with more to follow, and encourage others to do the same:

  •  Choose good value, renewable energy for their businesses by joining the AIM and Music Declares Emergency backed Creative Energy Project (CEP). CEP is an initiative from BAFTA, through its albert programme, in partnership with Julie’s Bicycle, which offers 100%, UK-sourced renewable power at a competitive price thanks to a tender process which ensures preferential pricing. You can read more about this project on AIM’s website here.
  • Keep up to date with Julie’s Bicycle’s leading resources and information on how to improve their sustainability via the member-only area of the AIM site.
  • Join organisations and individuals within the music industry like Radiohead, Secretly Canadian and Black Acre Records in signing the Music Declares Emergency declaration at  
  • Introduce a line into future artist contracts agreeing to work together to keep the Climate and Ecological Emergency in mind and make choices based on sustainability and lessening environmental impact. Members can visit the AIM site for the full suggested wording here.
  • Ask your suppliers and partners about their environmental policies, take their answers into account when choosing who to work with and encourage them to make improvements where possible. AIM will arm members with the knowledge to ask these questions.



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