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AIM Sync [Virtual] 2020 



AIM’s global sync licensing conference, AIM Sync, was the first major music business conference adapted to become a virtual event in response to the Covid-19 crisis. Sync revenue is more important than ever. We responded to this need by making this deal-making event free for all existing ticketholders, as well as all members of AIM (Rightsholders, Distributors and Friends of AIM) and event partners the Guild of Music Supervisors (GMS).


Usually held at world-class arts and learning centre, the Barbican, AIM Sync hosts prominent international music supervisors in  film, gaming, TV, advertising, brands, and more. These expert speakers share insights on the current sync and brands landscape and take part in masterclasses, listening sessions, workshops and networking sessions


AIM Sync ticketholders submit entries for free to two informal sync awards presented at the end of the event to shine a spotlight on the use of independent music in the sync and brand landscape - ‘Independent Sync of the Year’ and ‘Music Supervisor of the Year’.

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